Program 10. FIG LADM radionice

SESSION 1. Awareness, dissemination and visualization

Josip Križanović, Miodrag Roić and Doris PivacLand Administration Data Dissemination Processes: A Case Study in Croatia
Faraliyana Mohd Hanafi, Muhammad Imzan Hassan, Hanis Rashidan and Alias Abdul RahmanWeb Visualization of 3D Strata Objects based on CityJSON and LADM
Dave Stow, Michael Hill, Anthony Beck, Laura Alderson, Duncan Moss and Magdalena LowEvolving registration – how do established Registrars embrace change

SESSION 2. Surveying and land administration

Dubravka Sladić, Aleksandra Radulović, Dušan Jovanović, Igor Ruskovski, Milan Gavrilović, Milka Šarkanović-Bugarinović and Miro GovedaricaRevising Surveying and Representation Package of LADM Profile for Serbia to Support 3D Spatial Information
Eftychia Kalogianni, Hans-Christoph Gruler, Amir Bar Maor, Bruce Harold, Tim Lemmon, Christiaan Lemmen and Peter van OosteromInvestigating the requirements for the ISO 19152 LADM survey encodings
Nikola Vučić, Saša Vranić, Miodrag Roić and Hrvoje MatijevićRevision of Croatian LADM profile according to the new regulations in surveying profession

SESSION 3: Valuation information

Aleksandra Radulović, Dubravka Sladić and Miro GovedaricaExtended LADM country profile for property valuation in Serbia
Abdullah Kara, Peter van Oosterom, Ruud Kathmann, Azer Ilgar and Christiaan LemmenLADM Valuation Information Model Compliant Prototype for Visualisation and Dissemination of 3D Valuation Units and Groups
Josip Šiško, Hrvoje Tomić, Sanja Gašparović and Darko ŠiškoThe use of Mass Property Valuation in Spatial Planning: An LADM Approach

SESSION 4: Utility and underground land administration

Bahram Saeidian, Abbas Rajabifard, Behnam Atazadeh and Mohsen KalantariDevelopment of an LADM-based conceptual data model for 3D underground land administration in Victoria
Grgo Dželalija and Miodrag RoićToward a Croatian utility registration implementation model based on LADM
Amir Bar-Maor Mapping ArcGIS Parcel Fabric to LADM – Commonalities, Gaps and Implementation

SESSION 5: LADM and buildings

Behnam Atazadeh, Hamed Olfat, Abbas Rajabifard, and Bahram Saeidian Evaluation of the International 3D Geospatial Data Models and IFC Standard for Implementing an LADM-based 3D Digital Cadastre
Hicret Gürsoy Sürmeneli, Mehmet Alkan and Mila KoevaTowards Investigation of Integrating LADM, BIM, and CityGML of 3D Condominium Rights for Cadastral Purposes: The Case of Turkish Cadastral System
Anthony Beck and Duncan MossLADM patterns to support the efficient modelling of Cooperative (Community and Strata) Titles for Land Registers

SESSION 6: Legal aspects

Anthony BeckDeveloping a Hohfeldian theory of Real Rights to support LADM modelling
Eftychia Kalogianni, Abdullah Kara, Anthony Beck, Jesper M. Paasch, Jaap Zevenbergen, Efi Dimopoulou, Dimitrios Kitsakis, Peter van Oosterom and Christiaan LemmenRefining legal Land Administration-related aspects in LADM
Anthony Beck and Duncan MossThe effect of indefeasibility and error correction on the registration process

SESSION 7: Implementation and innovation

Saša Vranić, Hrvoje Matijević, Miodrag Roić and Vlado CetlIncreasing FAIRness by sustainable modelling of interactions of parties with land administration systems
Anthony BeckThe use of LADM primitives and structured indexing to support automated registration using submitted applications
Abdullah Kara, Alexandra Rowland, Peter van Oosterom, Erik Stubkjær, Volkan Çağdaş, Erwin Folmer, Christiaan Lemmen, Wilko Quak and Laura MeggiolaroFormalisation of code lists and their values – The case of ISO 19152 Land Administration Domain Model